Care Free Now

CareFreeNow is designed to be the most patient centric healthcare application today:

1. Qualify

Create your 100% Free and Secure CFN account and complete your application with relevant medical information.

2. Preventative & Medical Services

Based on your information and medical history, CFN identifies medical services that you will beneift from. This includes preventative options such as genetic screening for cancer and medications, or medical care options for pain management, and even legal windfall options under TORT.

3. Physician Consult

Based on the services recommended, physician consultations are scheduled within CFN. The physician will review your information and recommend services and tests that you are most likely to benefit from. Vast majority of these recommended services are provided at no cost to the patient as they are covered by the insurance provider (whether private, medicare, or medicaid).

4. Legal Consults

Based on your personal history, you may qualify for legal windfall benefits. For example, you may be owed benefits from a recently issued TORT settlement. Or you may qualify for benefits due to work injury or medical malpractice. A qualified attorney team will reach out based on your history. Once again, this service is provided at no cost to the patient!